Bait And Switch

2014-03-01 | Tom Meyer

Carpet cleaning as an industry has a bad reputation primarily because of Bait and Switch companies. Our mailboxes are flooded with them everyday. They adverstise anywhere from $89.99 for 5 rooms to $25.00 for 5 rooms. How do you tell if it's a scam or not? First clue, read what the coupon includes. Often it only covers steam cleaning (mild detergent). You will find "other services available" with PRECONDITIONING listed. PRECONDITIONING is the heart of cleaning. It is always an additional cost and this is where the carpet cleaners make their money. It's a clear case of Bait and Switch because they use a low price to BAIT the customer and then SWITCH it with a higher price. Check out the youtube videos below to see just how it works.
The bottom line is if you want a professional company that you can rely on everytime, that is honest and demands perfection, then call Premium Carpet and Tile Care. There is a reason why we're referred consistently to friends and family.





How to remove soft drink stains:
Apply a solution of one quart water with one teaspoon mild detergent and one teaspoon of white vinegar.